Sep 11, 2014


Imagine your life were up to the two sides of a coin and you had the ability to control which side you are on, which side best describes your personality and means to success?
Heads-Too many struggles to keep up with
Tails-The slight chance of possibility

Both are valid and both I will go into detail on how to apply principles in order to be successful.

22 years old and 162 pounds.

34 years old and 220 pounds.

Too many struggles to keep up with....

Life has a way of throwing objections at you, this I understand completely! With work, family, friends, events, and other things that will get in the way of your goals, being overwhelmed and stressed will always try and get the better of your situation, here are some factors that have helped me in so many ways.

  • Simplify! I have learned over the years about adding too much to my personal roster, I see the biggest struggles with clients due to lack of time enhanced on themselves! At the end of the day, the most important person is yourself, the only one who will succeed at the goals you have set is yourself.  
  • Prepare! Food preparation is vitally important, write down what you are going to eat for the week, this is important to educate yourself on calories and macros.  I have seen that in clients preparing the food can also be overwhelming, batch cooking does wonders and is very convenient when hungry...which is when bad decisions are made.  I have a client that does an hour of cooking once a week and prepares 30+ meals, so she doesn't have to prepare her food, just eat.
  • Goals! Scale back on the overall goal to the 2 week goal, work with what is obtainable for now, work with the 2-4 pound loss or the 1% body fat reduction, seems small right? Do the math on 2 months of living simple.
  • Lean! Acquire help! The Force by Luke is a team that is led by many! You can help others as well as expect them to help you! Family and friends will do everything they can in order for you to achieve success, beyond vanity the program is set for you to live better and longer, there is no other reason for someone to wholeheartedly help you.
  • Time! Manage your time appropriately, work multiple body parts, combine body parts, combine your exercises to produce results in order with your goals.  Most gym memberships are within 10 minutes or 5 miles of residence, if it is outside of that range, if available join a closer gym.  Is there a workout facility at your work? Use that facility before work, lunch breaks, after work if time is permitting to do so, see the first point also, simplify! 
The slight chance of possibility....

This is definitely how I live my life, professionally as well as how I look at my goals physically.  I have written blogs in the past about how I will probably never look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, this does not mean that I will not take his training principles into perspective in order to build a better me.  With that, a common phrase I bring up is "you are only limited by your own expectations", which also goes along with the slight chance of possibility, very slight I might add ha ha ha.  If you are an impossible person (I'm possible) then I would like you to go over a few perspectives that will help you along the path.
  • Advanced goals! For instance, if strength is your goal and you bench press 300 pounds, set your sights at 400 pounds, give yourself a year in order to achieve that goal, set the bar at 10 pounds increase per month, you will still have 2 additional months in order to achieve this.  If your goal is to enter a marathon and that marathon is 30 miles, set your sights at 10 miles and over the distance of a year add 2-3 miles to your system.  If you want a body fat of 10% and you are currently at 20% then lower that by 1% a month over the year.  
  • Programs! Find a program to increase your goals, stick to the program and follow it to the letter.  
  • Trainers! Find a trainer who will push you outside of your comfort zone, one who is committed to keeping up with you and will go that extra mile to help you accomplish.
There is tremendous power in consistency, staying hungry and working through the down times and plateaus will also produce better results! Be realistic and expect the best in yourself, push yourself harder and always keep wanting more.  It has taken me many years to accomplish what I have done, I have not taken more than a week off from working out, why? Because I love it! I guarantee you will too no matter where you are in your life or what part of the coin you just happen to fall on, whether it be a choice or chance, you are the one who benefits the most from the program and goals you have set.  Be successful, do not allow yourself to fall, keep positive company and always believe in yourself, I always do! 



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