Jun 24, 2015

Everyone Has A Story

If you don't like what you see, change it. If you like what you see, improve it.

I have always been the person to believe in something better than what I am currently doing, not to be a pessimist but rather than an optimist in a non-complacent life. Am I happy with what I currently have? Of course. Am I happy with what I have currently have done with my life? I am ecstatic! But I know that I have the drive in order to accomplish more than I have currently done and currently have. I do not believe in materialistic items (except my mini, because I love it haha) and I do not believe that these items in your life define who you are rather than what you are doing with you life defines exactly the person that you have become.

I am a bodybuilder, my goals are to reach the stage, when the time is right I will do just that. My path leads all the way to doing so. Mentally I am ready to take every step to achieve this, physically I am pushing myself past every barrier that I thought I had reached before in order to be better than any other competition I have entered before. I am supported, by my family, friends, mentors and the circle that I hold close to me. The biggest question I am asked is why? Is it to fight against the weak kid who was picked on his entire life? To accomplish something that the odds are against? No, its because of the fact that I believe I can do it, I will not let anything in life get the better of me, I will not let the downfalls of certain peoples attitudes towards themselves determine my own success in life, I will not let what people view what they CAN'T do determine what rightfully I CAN do.

I am sick and tired of hearing what other people think define what you are and what you can do with you life.

With every certification that I take I always study categories, to tell you the truth I never listen nor put a client in a certain category based upon certain ailments or a physical standpoint that determines themselves as a category to where they will NOT achieve based upon a certain amount of factors.

  • I have helped cancer patients live longer based upon what a doctor determines their lifeline.
  • I have helped people walk when they believed they can not.
  • I have helped stroke victims gain use of their bodies as a whole through exercise, patience and determination.
  • I have helped clients lose body fat, weight and get in physical shape BETTER than they were in their teens.
  • I have helped people through competitions, races, tough mudders, marathons, sports and triathlons.


So I challenge people's thinking, their knowledge, their certain outcomes that I always prove to be incorrect, I challenge it because I know better, it is the belief in the person not the statistic, all because of the fact that while I hear their negative opinions on someone that they themselves can achieve something that they never thought possible. With every cry of negative there is a truth to their saying, they too want to do what you do, they too want to achieve what you are doing, they too want to do exactly what you are doing to achieve what YOU want in your own life. Do not lose sight of the fact that the most important person is yourself, never lose sight of the fact that you are supported, never ignore the fact that with everyone not wanting YOU to do what you are destined to do, these same people want it in their own lives, they are just afraid to take the steps.

The achievers are always mentors, help those who want the change in their own lives, the rewards will be productive to your own success. Be the person who was inspired and now who inspires others to do better things in their lives, through fitness, to accomplishment, it's all up to you.



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