May 27, 2015

Searching The External Versus The Internal


-The center of the total personality, especially with reference to intuition, feeling, or emotion:
-The center of emotion, especially ascontrasted to the head as the center of the intellect:
-Spirit, courage or enthusiasm.


-Physical or bodily structure, appearance, or development.

Lately I have been doing quite a bit of research when it comes to people's fitness journey, from face-to-face interaction with clients to Facebook, Instagram, blogs and articles the information that I have been receiving is incredible. I've recently been motivated by an incredibly humble man named Jay Leone who took a staggering 5th place in his first competition, who at 47 years old he said that he didn't want to be old, fat and bald and one of my wonderful clients named Elsie who at 91 years old, trains to walk without the assistance of a walker.

Motivation surrounds us if we take the time to look for it.

I have always been the type of person to believe in improvement rather than perfection, that's why at The Force by Luke I really push my trainers to pass on this message, if we don't the client has a large potential to feel these unwanted emotions (old, fat, lazy, not good enough, doomed) and not believing in themselves will shut the door on their own success before they have reached the first step of achievement.

The truth is the workouts are always going to be challenging, it's designed that way, to build your body stronger, faster and more adaptable to the larger goals that you have. If you are not challenged anymore, find a better trainer or a different style best suited to making those challenges more of a motivation to improve rather than get beaten by it.

The other truth is nutrition is not going to be easy! Again, it's not designed to overwhelm the sense of taste. I teach my clients to find their satisfactory, from splitting meals to those who have appetite issues to finding alternatives for those who prefer taste the important factor to think about is how I feel physically over tastefully.

Believe in oneself and your body will follow.

So with your workouts in check, your nutrition in check how do you feel about YOUR journey this far? If we are all improving are you? If not then why? It is very easy as a trainer to say "dust yourself off and get back on the ball" and feel confident that I have sent the right message as we all fail but is it as easy to receive the message as it was to portray?

Stress, life changes, events and time are something's that can put a halt in the path, they do from time to time, but the difference between a short cut back to a prolonged stop in the road can the difference between how you feel now and knowing that you have what it takes inside you to accomplish a goal.

If you are not in a temporary bump in the road lets get a bit of a challenge going, why not make an extended goal? One that goes all the way to December this year, when you know the weather is cold, you're wearing those thick sweaters and pants and know that you're covered up. Let's make a goal of being the best this year rather than the other years, knowing that you don't have to show off your improvement but rather the satisfaction of knowing that all of your hard effort and commitment has paid itself to the one person who truly matters, yourself.

Cheers to improvement you guys, from the one who always believes in the can rather than the can't.



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