Jun 27, 2014




to transform or convert (usually followed by into  )

The biggest part of my program is to promote change, with each outward improvement comes internal change.  Change can be a huge factor or a minor, depends on what your goals are, with change there comes with a certain amount of responsibility.  With each increased goal comes with a certain amount of restriction, a common conversation that I have with clients who want a to achieve a certain goal is, expect to change your mentality if you want to change your life.

Change your lifestyle

New to the program? Move from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one, start with just 15 minutes, 3 times per week to create a routine and habit, with 24 hours in a day everyone has the ability and time in order to do so.  Are you a fast food eater? Start creating the same meals on your own, start separating the bad parts out and filter in the better.  Do you take on too much?  Find ways to simplify your life, plan an agenda, write down your needs and wants, utilize lists, ask for help.  Stressed? Find ways to relax, find creative ideas to release more serotonin.  

Change your eating habits

Are your goals to lose weight? Body fat? Are you eating to gain muscle? Eating for health and wellness? Sport specific? Out of all of these different goals the one common factor is nutrition.  If you are not eating right to the specific needs that you are putting your body through, you will fall behind.  Work on improvement, 

Change your perception

One perception is the perception of cardio, and that is that you have to be on a treadmill for an hour, its boring, its exhausting and its the only way to burn body fat.  I often get asked "what is the best form of cardio?" to which my response is, anything that raises your heart rate for an extended period of time! The second question is "how long should I be doing cardio?" to which I reply, 15-30 minutes.  Sounds strange, easy, accomplish-able....here is some things to look out for, don't set yourself up for failure, set up for success! If you can do 15 minutes, strive for 25-30, if you can do 30 minutes, strive for a more intense 30 minutes! If an hour is boring, switch things up! Do half your time on a treadmill, half your time on a bike, add some plyometrics into the session, have some fun with it! 

Change your education

READ! I can not stress how important it is to read up on what your trainer is telling you, ask questions on why the nutrition is fundamental for the body desired or functionality, ask questions about supplements, ask questions about what exercises do what for which body part, learn each name of the exercise, read books, magazines, look online in chats and forums to further educate yourself on what your body is doing! 

Do not rely on what you 'think' you know, prove it by study!  It might just surprise you.

Change your mindset

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!”-Audrey Hepburn.  This says it all! Instead of saying you "can't" change it to you CAN! Don't fear the weights, don't fear the feeling of passing out, don't fear the pain of going through it! Embrace it! With each rep, with each step, with each small accomplishment you are on the road to becoming someone you never thought you would.  I have never approached a client with a mentality of they can not go through my sessions, I have only pushed them to where they never thought they would be or do what they never thought they could do.  It all takes time, separate your mind from perfection to improvement and make all those steps daily to accomplish it.

Change your physique

Look at yourself and find what you want to change, it could be anything, mid-section, arms, legs, bigger, smaller, whatever your goal is to change, go out there and do it! Do not be one of those people who give up, who convinced themselves of genetics, lifestyle, age, limitations of certain ailments or any reason why you CAN'T do it, take the advice of a trainer, this blog and learn nutrition, be dedicated to change, put forth all the effort you have and give it 100% every single day!



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