Feb 19, 2015

Drive-What motivates you?

I often sit back and wonder about what motivates other people, and the story they have in their lives that led them to start the path of improvement.  I know what motivates me, but I will get into that a little later.
I see a lot and take a lot in when I am working out, I pay attention to myself as well as the other people in my surroundings.  Inspiration is everywhere! I can safely say that I very non-judgmental even when some slip through the cracks, but that is not what this is all about.
I see the bodybuilders, cranking out endless sets with heavy weights, the grunting and the constant struggle of pushing beyond their physical abilities in order to achieve a goal set for them.  I have seen high carbed bodybuilders, full of energy and strength, full of determination, having a great time and I have seen the depleted, the struggle to just stand up straight and stay awake and the struggle to keep their mindset when it comes to their competition.  I admire the physical strength and wish I had it in me.
I see the members at the chain of gyms, the members who are high in their weight and body fat.  I see them knowing they HAVE to do this in order for them to survive, I see them pushing themselves to exhaustion, pushing themselves past the point of pain because the pain they feel is inside themselves, in their heart not their bodies, the pain is losing their lives and leaving behind their loved ones.  I admire their heart and wish I had it in me.
I see the people on the street, running, though the run is no faster than a pace, I know they are running becuse their body language is screaming it! The expression on their face is pure agony, they want to be a runner because not only is it their dream, they are making it a reality! I admire the inner strength and wish I had it in me.
I see the lonely worker at the table in the break room, all by themselves, eating their own prepared meals, knowing that person prepared that meal based upon their goals.  I know that they would rather be eating the cafateria food but their goals are much greater than temporary taste.  I admire their will power and wish I had it in me.
My motivation comes from being the best person that I can be and I know I can only do that by improving every single day with everything that I do.  I have physical strength and will push myself to be stronger.  I have heart and will push myself to fill it.  I have inner strength and will surround it positively to increase it.  I have will power and will make sure I keep my head up.
I am also very motivated by each and every one of you, I know that you will do great things and I know that it is important to surround yourself with positive like minded people.  We will ALL motivate each other and become the best we can be, as long as we are together.



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