Oct 18, 2014

Leading the horse to water

When it comes to Personal Training and being an owner of a business the one goal in mind is to bring the client beyond their expected goals, I have a plan on how to lead the customer without pulling, pushing or taking the reigns but rather helping them acquire success through their own hard work.

Think of this as if the client were the horse (not to offend ha ha) and the water is the goal and the distance between is the path to success.

1.  Creating and clearing a path for the client.

  • Setting up a start through finish goal oriented program for the client to follow.
  •  Motivating the client to stick to the program, follow the program to the letter and making the appropriate adjustments to make it successful.
  • Pushing the client past their own limitations and objections to create the best program available.
  • Creating a support system for the client to battle through plateaus or hard times.
2.  Educating the client on the benefits of drinking the water.
  • Proper nutrition is key to the success of the client, finding the right approach to fit into a lifestyle is challenging, once the client understands why nutrition is important its time to apply it to their life.  
  • Executing great form so the appropriate muscles are isolated as well as pushed to the max is the best way to build the muscle as well as burn the necessary body fat stored by the client.  With only doing half of the effort your client will expect to see full results, help the client push through the pain and turn their body into something amazing.
3.  Educating the disadvantages of NOT drinking the water.
  • 70% of goal success is in the nutrition.
  • Missing designated cardio days will cause a delay in the process.
  • Missing training sessions will delay the muscular growth and derail the training schedule.
4.  Making the client so thirsty that by the time they reach the water, they have no choice but to drink!
  • I wrote thirst but I mean hunger, are you hungry to reach your goal? Satisfied with how you look? Are you determined to be the one who gets past your own objections? 
  • Are you motivated by your trainer? Has He/She inspired you through keeping up with your progress? 
  • Do you believe in yourself? Do others believe in you?
The truth is, the client is doing all the work, they are the ones who are pushing past the pain, past the hunger, they are the ones in pain, exhausted, and they are also the ones who reap the benefits of looking beyond all of this! 
Commit to yourself and your goals, be your OWN success by doing it for YOURSELF! A good trainer will always believe you can do it, set you up on the path to success so do not disagree with them, you are only hurting yourself! The trainer wants what is best for the client, every time, beyond what you think will work for you and your lifestyle.  To change a physical lifestyle you have to change a mental lifestyle.
All the best, every rep, meal and step counts to your success!



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