Jul 20, 2014

Turtle VS Hare


Relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.


plan, procedure, or expedient for promoting a desired end or result.
I often ask my clients what their goals are, short term and long term, in order to achieve physically and be successful.  Goals are always subjective, short term goals need to be within the 2-4 week range and long term goals need to be in the 6 month range.  If you can't think 6 months out then it might be a time to reassess your mentality for overall physique or health goals.
Short term goals-Hare
Long term goals-Turtle
Short Term (Hare)
  • What nutritional value are you bringing to the table for losing weight or body fat? 
  • Are you working each body part once a week? Smaller body parts twice a week?
  • Are you on point with your cardio?
  • Are you getting enough rest?
Long Term (Turtle)
  • Are you building lagging body parts?
  • Are you experimenting with nutrition in order to bring a better workout?
  • Are you experimenting with nutrition in order to see physically what benefits your body versus hurting it?
  • What works versus doesn't? Be true to this answer, it will help with your next 6 month goal.
I also like to think of things just a little differently, I like to think of the hare as a straight line, eye on the prize, where as the turtles plan might be a bit jagged, overall the prize is much bigger.  The hare might be spontaneous, make mistakes, take some drawbacks it still advances forward where as the turtle foresees future problems, does its best to avoid them, knows the path well and ends at the finish line triumphant.  The hare creates loose ends where as the turtle ties up those loose ends.  The hare PUSHES themselves, exhausts themselves, dominates themselves where the turtle continues doing so for the long term! 
We are both the turtle and the hare, we both display these attitudes in life and in the gym, know yourself as well as surprise yourself! Your success is only defined by your own expectations, change these expectations and change mentally, physically and emotionally. 



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